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        The Theatre was built on the site of Phillips Funeral Home's furniture store on East Lake Street in South Lyon by Edward C. Carrow.  Construction began in February of 1945 and was completed in October of that same year.  However, the (originally) 400 seats from Grand Rapids based American Seating were not delivered until January of 1946.  An ad in the local newspaper indicated films were shown in late December, but Carrow must have utilized temporary seating as the Theatre did not officially open until January 25, 1946. 

         It was opened as the LYON with a simple marquee (no vertical blade) and the name in four large letters.  Edward G. Robinson and Margaret O'Brien starred in the opening film - “Our Vines Have Tender Grapes” - along with Judy Canova in “Hit the Hay!” later that week.  The opening was sold out with the lobby full of flowers.  The newspaper referred to it as an “outstanding theatre.”  There were no films the week of February 7 due to a truckers' strike in Detroit. 

        Carrow went on to build and operate the Lee Theatre in Whitmore Lake and apparently sold the Lyon business as a 1951 ad referred to Rex Kinne as proprietor.  The theatre was passed to other owners over the years until it was forced into a Sheriff's sale after defaulting on mortgage loans and taxes in April, 2008. 



About Us

          The South Lyon Theater is under new ownership as of December 2015. The lobby has been refreshed and new food and drink concession items have been added for your enjoyment. Our prices are still the lowest for first-run movie theaters and we are always looking for more ways to be an integral part of the community. We maintain new Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Real D 3D digital theater projection systems. We are supporting our South Lyon community by showing the industry's best films at affordable prices. To do this, we select only those films that have been positively reviewed, well-received by audiences, and/or recognized with significant awards. Schedules are expanded and “kid-friendly” films are offered during school vacations to provide additional entertainment options for families with school-age children. We are on top of the South Lyon social calendar and will work together to provide as many scheduled first-run movies as possible. 

         To obtain these outstanding films so early in their release life, we must maintain the minimum pricing level to qualify for distribution. We also try to make those same films available at the lower, matinee prices. In addition, prices on our concessions continue to be very low. A visit to our theater is always significantly less expensive than visiting the larger complexes. We believe this adds great value and with the savings in drive time, you cannot beat the entertainment of visiting your local cinema for an outstanding movie. 

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