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South Lyon Theater

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I bring Alcohol to the South Lyon Theater?
    Yes, you are renting the theater as a private event rental. It is the legal responsibility of the renter for any food or beverage brought into the theater and served to guests, this includes alcohol. For large events, we may require customers to have a TIPs certified bartender with liquor liability insurance for their protection while using the venue.
  • Can I show my own home movies from a DVD or Flash Drive?
    Yes, movies you have personally created can be shown on the big screen.
  • Is the Marquee available to rent?
    Yes, the marquee has all new LED lighting and is available to rent for customers hosting events for $100 for a 24hr period. If you wish to only rent the marquee, it is $150 for 2 day rental period.
  • Can I use the Now Showing and Coming Soon Poster boxes?
    Yes, this is included with the purchase price of your rental.
  • Is there a stage ?
    Yes, there is a small stage currently for a speaker, presenter, karaoke or soloist. There is 1000 sq ft of floorspace that can be used for entertainment and seating can be arranged to optimize any performance on the floor. There are also 70 plush theater rocker seats that are centered and elevated for guests to enjoy the entertainment on the floor and / or screen.
  • Is the Deposit Refundable?
    No, the deposit is not refundable. We hold your date / time and do not permit any customers to reserve this space. However, you will be able to apply your deposit to any event within the calendar year of paying your deposit.
  • Where is parking?
    A large parking lot is available across the street from the theater behind the buildings on the north side of 10 mile road. There is also the US Post Office parking lot directly behind the theater that is available after 5 on weekdays and after 1 on the weekend. There is free parking on the streets available.
  • Can I decorate with my own tablecloths and chair covers?
    Yes, you may bring in your own table or chair covers.
  • What decor can I rent?
    The theater comes with stylish decor that changes for seasons or holidays. You may bring in your own event themed decor and set up anywhere within the venue.
  • Is there a freezer or refrigerator?
    Yes, there is a commercial refrigerator and freezer in the bar/lounge for your use.
  • Is there an ice maker?
    No, there is not an ice maker. You will need to bring any ice that is required for your event. There is a large ice box in the bar for use with your ice.
  • Can I bring in my own food?
    Yes, you may have your food catered or delivered. You also may bring in any homemade food that you wish for your event. You are responsible for the care and service of food and beverages at your event. We are very flexible.
  • Can I get time to come in and set up before my party?
    Yes, we provide up to an hour before your event to prepare and set up. Special accommodations can be made for large or unique events. We are flexible. Your event ends at the completion of your rental period. Please be courteous and clean up / exit timely as we must prepare for other events after yours.
  • Do I have time to clean up my items after my event ends?
    Yes. Your event ends at the completion of your rental period. Please be courteous and clean up / exit in a timely manner as we must prepare for other events after yours.
  • Will someone be there from SLT to host the event?
    No. There will be someone there to help you get your event started by ensuring all technology and the entire rental space is prepared and ready for your event. You will receive a quick tutorial on use of the equipment and safety rules. If you wish to have a host for the duration of your event, we can do this for an additional charge.
  • How do I have a video game party?
    You can bring in my own video game device and controllers and plug them into the HDMI cable and play on the 30ft screen. You can even use this feature for the 65” TV in the lobby too.
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